About CHIC



About Chic and SUBÉTAGE

Our business system is in line with our way of life. We from SUBÉTAGE are a leading company in Austria, specialized in the distribution of tabletop products. Our niche is, amongst others, the distribution of napkins, table coverings and coasters. What is more, business success is the result of our focusing on customers who have the most direct benefit from the unique services from us.

The unique competitive advantage is a high quality production technology, focus on two key inter process - production flexibility & individual customer wishes.  

For the production @Chic we use high quality Airlaid materials whose advantages are high absorbency, textile touch, high wet strenght and ability to decorate it.

In the converting process of our products @Chic we use the most modern technology and our own innovative solutions, which make our production highly productive, low cost-effective and flexible for individual needs of our clients.

However, the implementation of our strategy and the achievement of our efficiency, can't be expected, if company does not mobilize the most valuable, but too often neglected: human potential - human capital of company.

We, employees @SUBÉTAGE and Chic, create a people-friendly atmosphere, we are friendly to each other, attentive to our clients and involved in the lives of the environment in which we live in. We all are aware of ourselves personal responsibility for the success of the company, we like to take initiative for our own personal and professional development. We are open for all new ideas and we encourage improvements regularly.

We think positively!